We believe this is one of the greatest seasons of need that our neighbors might experience. That is why we want to help you come alongside your neighbors during this pandemic!

15 Ways to Bless Your Neighbors

1. Adopt 5 of your neighbors and engage in the Keep 5 challenge. (Coming SOON!)

2. Send your neighbors a postcard that can help identify any needs they might have. See Below!

3. Drop off cookies on your neighbor’s doorstep and include a note challenging them to a bake-off (don’t forget to ring the doorbell!)

4. Do a photo-scavenger hunt in your neighborhood! Share the list with your neighbors.(Download)

5. Prayer-walk your neighborhood.

6. Call your grandparents! #callyourgrandma #callyourgrandpa

7. Venmo a friend money for coffee or surprise them with a Doordash lunch.

8. Create yard signs with phrases of encouragement.

9. Drop off a basic needs gift basket: Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and Kleenex…best gift basket ever, am I right?

10. Initiate a digital game night with your neighbors, like BINGO! (For the more tech-savvy, has some great options.)

11. Challenge your neighbors to a trick shot battle! Record your trickshot, post it to your Insta story, and tag your neighbors and friends to challenge them to do the trickshot.

12. Draw encouraging chalk messages on your driveway.

13. Share a family recipe with a neighbor! Prompt your neighbors to mail, email, or carrier pigeon their recipes from house to house.

14. Do a grocery run for someone in your neighborhood!

15. Engage the Move Closer app with some friends at

Pray for your neighbor

Pray for God to protect them in this season and ask that He would move in their lives.

Serve your Neighbor

Look for opportunities to serve your neighbors, whether it’s delivering groceries or baking them cookies.

Give to your neighbor

We believe this is one of the greatest seasons of need that our neighbors might experience, which is why we are thinking of ways we can help provide basic necessities and give to our neighbors.

Need prayer or basic necessities?

If you submit any prayer requests or a basic need request. It  will be forwarded to email.


We’ve created a couple resources for you to download and print at home to pray for your neighbors and learn about their physical needs! Check these out below.