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Pulse is reaching this generation. Through live events and digital media, we’re seeing more people encounter the message of Jesus than ever before. Explore more below!

LBK College Night
A free concert with a message of hope for LBK students. Join us to hear from artists KB, Hulvey, All City, Haydon Wiginton, and hear a special message from Nick Hall. Grab your friends and join us at the USA 3/26 at 7pm!

Good Friday Global Broadcast

Watch the global broadcast premiering on Friday, March 29. Available on-demand all day.

Pulse North Dakota

Pulse North Dakota is a two-year campaign for every person in North Dakota to have a touch point with the Gospel. The hope and peace we all seek is found in the person of Jesus Christ. The goal is to engage and equip North Dakota in personal evangelism through training, discipleship, and events.

Revival Nights

Revival Nights are monthly gatherings at our Pulse HQ where young adults and students unite to build community and lift up the name of Jesus to see revival in our city. Each month, young people from across the Twin Cities come together for a time of encouragement, fellowship, and the opportunity to be equipped to put Jesus at the pulse of a generation. 

Each Revival Nights event includes powerful worship, testimonies, communion, an inspiring message, and baptisms.

June 6, 2024 - 7:0OPM

Location: Target Field Station
5th St N, Minneapolis, Mn 55401
Speaker: Nick Hall

July 23, 2024 - 7:0OPM

Location: 4801 S Minnehaha Park Drive
Minneapolis, Mn 55417

August 6, 2024 - 7:0OPM

Location: 4801 S Minnehaha Park Drive
Minneapolis, Mn 55417

The Reason is part of Pulse North Dakota with Nick Hall. This Family Christmas Experience will provide those attending the opportunity to respond personally to the Gospel and then be related back to local churches/ministries for discipleship opportunities. The Reason tour will also be the initial gatherings for thousands to become aware of Pulse North Dakota with Nick Hall and of this exciting opportunity to reach all ages with the Gospel in the years to come!



The desire of Amplify Fest is to glorify God, by removing barriers between the Church and the world, exposing people to the life changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In order to spread the message of Christ to as many people as possible, Amplify Fest is a completely free event to the public.


On April 7th, 2023, Pulse held “The Good Friday Revival with Nick Hall” The global broadcast looked into the significance of Jesus’ crucifixion and its relevance to our lives today. The program featured an exclusive interview with Grammy award-winning rapper Lecrae, who shared his personal journey of faith. Musical performances by Matthew West and Tasha Layton provided an opportunity for viewers to engage in worship and praise. Through Nick Hall’s presentation of the life-changing message of the cross, viewers heard how the love of God pursues and rescues us, no matter how far we go.

Make Jesus Known Training

The Make Jesus Known Training is a 4-week video series on evangelism that will challenge you to embed evangelism into your everyday life.

Led by Evangelist Nick Hall, this free, hands-on training includes 4 videos and a leader guide that contains a teaching script, small group questions, presentation slides, and social media content. The training is available in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Learn how your personal relationship with Jesus, lifestyle, and conversations all play an important role in evangelism. Through Make Jesus Known, you’ll become part of a generation passionate about seeing people come to know Jesus. 


On June 24-25, 2022, Pulse held an evangelistic training event called TOGETHER ‘22. We gathered people at the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas to be trained to put Jesus at the pulse of a generation here and across the world. Thousands of people worshipped, prayed, and were equipped to share Jesus back home on college campuses, in communities, and on social media. 

God Lives Here

God Lives Here is a night of worship and prayer led by Nick Hall, Dante Bowe, and Pulse Collective throughout the US in places like Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Arizona.

Pulse 100

Launched by Nick Hall, the Pulse 100 identifies, equips, and commissions young men and women who are on fire for Jesus, long to preach the Gospel, and are desperate to see the lost know Jesus.

Through the Pulse 100 training program, young evangelists receive hands-on instruction, spiritual challenge, and encouragement in their evangelistic callings. A free program, the 10-month training consists of masterclasses, 1:1 mentorship sessions, and national retreats led by Nick Hall, Dr. Tim Robnett, and other leaders.

The Pulse 100 will be a continuous launching pad for evangelists to rise up around the world. 

Move Closer

The Move Closer App is a 1:1 discipleship tool to help you to reach your peers. This app allows you to invite friends, meet weekly, and walk through the innovative content together.

Topics on the Move Closer App are broken into albums, with each album featuring 5 tracks, including Scripture, devotional content, and discussion questions. Content includes Pulse’s Make Jesus Known training and content from TOGETHER ’22. The Move Closer app will empower you as an everyday believer to disciple others in the NextGen through relevant biblical content.

Internship Program

The Pulse internship program trains young, emerging leaders like you to live a lifestyle of multiplication and commissions you to Make Jesus Known wherever God leads you.

We’ve been training interns since 2019. Many come from local college campuses, others from work contexts. Our interns also come from all over the U.S. and world—including Canada and Ethiopia. Pulse staff members will train you in your professional skills, but also pour into and help you grow spiritually.

You’ll receive training in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership from the Pulse team, while also assisting with live events, local gatherings, digital resources, and general Pulse operations. Our internship cohorts form life-long bonds as they serve Jesus alongside each other. You’ll be sent back to your campus or community on fire for Jesus and ready and equipped to share the Gospel with the world around you.

Preach Twin Cities

We want to build a community of young preachers by encouraging and equipping them to share the Gospel in a unique, biblical and unapologetic way. Preach Twin Cities is an online showcase of emerging leaders who are preaching the Gospel boldly, from stages and social media platforms.

Good Friday

Good Friday is an annual global broadcast that shares the Gospel around the country and world during the Easter season. Since 2020, over a million people have responded to the Gospel through these holiday broadcasts. In 2022, the Good Friday broadcast included 2 unique programs that aired on

One was broadcast online for anyone to watch on Good Friday, and the other was a specifically curated program for college students to host in their college dorms or apartments. Thousands were impacted with the hope of the Gospel. 

The annual Good Friday broadcast continues to bring the Gospel to a generation who desperately needs Jesus, while also equipping believers to do the same. 

The Bible Quarantine
Stuck inside during the pandemic? Pulse created the Bible Quarantine as a simple way to encourage people on social media to turn to God and His Word during this difficult time. Find episodes regularly posted on social media!
Year of the Bible

The Bible is the most catalytic book in history. It has inspired more expressions of beauty and societal advancements than any other book, ever. The only question left is—what would be inspired in your life if you made this your Year of the Bible?

Unite NDOP
Find out how Pulse is bringing together churches across the Twin Cities in unified prayer for our communities, nation, and world.
God Lives Here

God Lives Here is a night of worship, prayer, and biblical challenge for a generation to follow Jesus. This event will take place in downtown Minneapolis at Baptist Church from 7:00-9:00PM with a prayer walk starting at 6:00PM at North Central University.

The Table Coalition
The Table Coalition, formerly known as Mission America Coalition, exists to catalyze partnerships within the American Church for the sake of evangelism.