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For the '24-'25 Pulse 100 Cohort

Finding ONE HUNDRED men and woman who are on fire for Jesus, longing to preach the Gospel, and are desperate to see the lost become found. Join the waitlist for our upcoming cohort! 

Pulse 100 Year 4 Dates:

Fall Retreat Date

October 11-13, 2024

Winter Retreat Date

January 17-19, 2025

Spring Retreat Date

March 7-9, 2025

Summer Retreat Date

June 5-8, 2025

Do you love Jesus and feel called to Make Him Known?

Does the idea of sharing Jesus with the NextGen stir your heart?

Do you feel alone in your faith and long for a community where you can grow and become more like Him?

Then, you need to join the next generation of evangelists: Pulse 100.

What is Pulse 100?

Pulse 100 is a year-long training experience that will provide clarity and connection for you as an up-and-coming leader and evangelist. Whether you like to preach on the streets, share with others at your school or work, or create content on Tik-Tok that points people to Jesus, this program is for you. We want you to go deep so you can go long, to grow in your faith so you can spend a lifetime following Jesus’ plan for your life.

The first year, we poured into a group of 83 extraordinary leaders. Now, we believe there are more of you out there who can grow through this fantastic opportunity. We are offering a third cohort and fill it with people just like you.

A group community experience, you’ll be seen by people who beat the same drum as you. We believe in YOU and want to invest in you and your evangelistic calling. We’ll serve as a covering for you as you develop as an evangelist and leader. Here, you’ll be accepted and loved by young leaders whose hearts burn with a passion for Jesus and making him famous just like you.

As an opportunity for NextGen leaders, Pulse 100 will equip you to bring the Gospel to the nations. Jesus told us to leave behind the 99 and go after the 1; we’ll speak into your life and walk alongside you so you can confidently go forth and share His name with a lost, hurting, and broken world.

As a 16- to 30-year-old, you are uniquely qualified to go after your generation. Come get equipped and commissioned to preach the Gospel from the stage or wherever God takes you. Let Pulse 100 be the next step in your journey of sharing God with others.

“Pulse 100 has given me a community. Some of the members of my cohort are now my closest friends as we work together to Make Jesus Known. They encourage me and keep me accountable. It’s a huge blessing to be in a group of wonderful people who are living out their ministry calling.”

“I will be different forever because of the people in the Pulse 100. I felt pretty alone in my calling as an evangelist. It’s really nice to have a community of people who are passionate to reach their friends for Jesus like I am. This group walks the walk and talks the talk. You can’t put a price tag on that.”

“We are all not the same, but we have the same purposes and goals. I have had the chance to talk personally with some of the instructors and receive prayer and advice. I am so blessed to be in this program because I don’t deserve it.”

“This experience has been a safe place to slow down, reflect, and be okay with making mistakes. I love the Kingdom of God, and I realized the Lord is not looking for perfection but progression.”


Someone who preaches the Good News that Jesus was crucified, buried, and rose from the grave so that the world might be reconnected to God.

Nick Hall's vision

Launched by Nick Hall, the goal of Pulse 100 is to identify, equip, and commission 100 young men and women who are on fire for Jesus, long to preach the Gospel, and are desperate to see the lost know Jesus.

Through the Pulse 100 training program, you’ll receive hands-on instruction, spiritual challenge, and encouragement in your evangelistic calling. The 12-month training program consists of masterclasses, 1:1 mentorship sessions, and national retreats led by Nick Hall and the team and other master trainers. This year’s Pulse 100 cohort will begin with a retreat this fall. The Pulse 100 from the first cohort will be commissioned from this retreat, and the second cohort (that’s YOU) will be launched into their year-long immersive training experience. We believe you need to be a part of this!

“Give me ONE HUNDRED preachers who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, and I care not whether they be clergymen or laymen, they alone will shake the gates of Hell and set up the kingdom of Heaven upon Earth.”  John Wesley

The Pulse100 Focuses on 5 Important "C"'S

Do you know you are called? Calling can come in many forms. Sometimes you’ll hear directly from God. Sometimes a mentor or pastor will call it out in you. Other times sharing Jesus comes so naturally to you that you don’t even realize you are doing it or longing to do it. We want to help you understand, identify, and own the call God has uniquely placed on your life.

It can be lonely and confusing trying to navigate how to preach, share the Gospel, and keep the main thing the main thing! As part of the Pulse 100, we will pair each participant with an evangelistic leader to come alongside you for the entire year. The goal of this relationship is to affirm you as a man or woman of God, help you process what you are facing, and give you an experience of why mentoring and discipleship is crucial.

Pulse 100 is being launched to equip you with the truths you need to live out the call God has placed on your life. Under the leadership of the Director of the Doctorate in Evangelism Program at Multnomah Seminary, the Pulse 100 curriculum will equip you to be a well-rounded leader who can think, feel, and act as one set apart.

In Pulse 100, you’ll have a strong, supportive community where you belong. You’ll encounter young men and women who feel the call to evangelism just like you. As you pray and learn together, you’ll develop life-long friendships that will sustain you as you work out what your calling means for your life.

At the end of Pulse 100, you will be sent out. Commissioning is such an important concept in the body of Christ. It happens when other believers come around you and pray that God would send you out to reach the lost. We believe that this experience will open up real-life opportunities to share the Gospel. From live events in your hometown to large stages around the world, we are praying for tangible opportunities to unleash the fire God has put inside you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Nick Hall is an evangelist called to reach this generation with the Gospel. He is the Founder and President of Pulse, while also serving as the President and CEO of the U.S. Lausanne Committee, now called The Table Coalition. The Table Coalition was launched by Billy Graham, Bill Bright, and John Perkins. From the ages of 18-25, Nick traveled the world to be trained under the most gifted evangelists and evangelistic teams. Pulse 100 is about paying this process forward, to unleash a new generation. Nick is married to Tiffany and the dad of 3 amazing kids.  

Learn more about Nick.

Pulse 100 is for Gospel preachers and social media revivalists who urgently desire to see lost people know Jesus. Ephesians 4 says that God calls some to be evangelists. Are you one? Let’s find out.

Through the generosity of those who believe in you, Pulse 100 is free. The only expenses are travel to retreat experiences. If these expenses make it impossible for you to join, limited travel allowances are available based on need.

This is designed for those 18-29 years old who are out of high school and committed to entering into this year-long experience. We are asking all applicants to confirm calendar dates and commit to the program.

The Bible says that some are called to be evangelists (Ephesians 4:11), while everyone is called to do the work of the evangelist (2 Timothy 4:5). Pulse 100 is for anyone who feels an urgency to see people know Jesus and share the Gospel. We believe that evangelists are needed today more than ever.

No, Pulse 100 is for everyone. While many may be in vocational ministry, others may be students, or simply in the workforce. Our goal is to identify, equip, and unleash you to walk out your calling wherever you are planted.

There are many pastors who are evangelists, and we believe that every church should have an evangelist on their leadership team. If you feel led to be a pastor, Pulse 100 would be an incredible experience to equip you to prioritize the lost through your life, while also learning how to equip the universal Church to share the Gospel.

This is for you! We believe the message of Jesus belongs everywhere, from stages, to street corners, to social media platforms. That said, Pulse 100 is a great asset to equip you to serve your followers with clarity, while building out your platform with biblical priorities rather than following the consumerism culture that can so easily corrupt someone’s calling. We are all about unleashing a new wave of digital evangelists.

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