Pulse exists to Make Jesus Known and to equip His followers to be disciples who multiply. Everything we do is about pointing people to hope in Jesus, including our use of technology.

Through the Digital Response Process, Pulse partners with local churches, ministry leaders, and individual volunteers to play a crucial role in following up with individuals who respond to the Gospel message through texts and calls.

Digital responders interact with our audience both in real time and following events. Through secure response software, we are able to monitor and resource digital responders to ensure a world-class response. Our goal is to encourage and bless the Church through organic connections formed through these personal connections.

We’ll go through

   1.  Pulse Statement of Faith
   2. Pulse Code of Conduct
   3. Digital Response Video Trainings

1. Pulse Statement
of Faith

2. Pulse Code of Conduct

This code of conduct will guide you through best practices while interacting with people who respond to the Gospel at Pulse events.

Everyone who responds using Pulse’s digital platform must read and agree with this document before volunteering.

3. Digital Response Video Trainings

Pulse uses a secure response software called Echo, which allows us to communicate with people in real time through a phone or computer. Created with Christian ministries in mind, this intuitive platform helps to manage thousands of spiritual conversations. Watch these short videos to help you understand the Echo platform and how Pulse uses it for follow-up.


Next Steps

Use the link below to sign up as a Digital Response Volunteer. Once you do, we’ll follow up to share more information. Thank you for being willing to be a part of this amazing team!

Sign up as a Digital Response Volunteer

Digital Response Volunteer Form

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