The Pulse Internship Trains, Equips, and Unleashes Young Leaders!

Watch the video above to see a sneak peak of the Pulse Housing Center that houses our interns!

The Pulse Internship equips, mentors, and raises up the next generation to share the Gospel throughout the world—no matter where God places them. The program holistically trains young adults to be strong spiritual leaders in whatever realm they are placed in.

Each cohort is trained for 3 months under the leadership of the Pulse Evangelism team in whatever discipline they are pursuing. Out-of-state interns are also provided with housing at the Pulse Housing Center, which is next door to the Pulse HQ.

Josh Stream, a Digital Media Intern this spring, shared a powerful testimony about the impact of the Pulse internship. Josh shared that since he started his internship, he has learned about the body of Christ and the importance of sharing his faith with others. Josh has marveled at God's working hand in his life, shaping him into the man God created him to be while encouraging other men to do the same.

This summer, we are welcoming 21 new interns, half of which are being housed at the Pulse Housing Center next door.

Thank you for making it possible to train and equip the next generation of leaders!