The Anthem of Grace Broadcast sent the Gospel Around the World!

On Easter weekend, Pulse Evangelism launched a campaign called Anthem of Grace. The vision of this campaign is to share the Gospel around the world through digital platforms.

During the broadcast, Nick shared a powerful Gospel presentation while Steven Curtis Chapman and Miel San Marcos led worship. Listeners had the opportunity to participate in this movement by sharing their own story of God's grace in their life, as well as singing their own rendition of Amazing Grace!

The broadcast reached over 100 countries through nearly 160 TV stations, and over 1,000,000 viewed on YouTube. It was translated into over 60 languages!

To date, over 67 million people have been reached with the hope of the Gospel from Asia, to India, to Africa, across the U.S. and beyond through the 2024 Anthem of Grace Global Broadcast. Recently in early May, the program aired across Eastern Europe via the Russian Broadcast Network with millions more being reached with the Gospel!

Globally, there was a massive force of 20,000 volunteers helping with the Gospel response follow-up process.

One viewer, Ritha, watched the Anthem of Grace Broadcast in her native language of Hindi. She shared that the message of hope and redemption resonated with her deeply, and after the broadcast, she called in to respond to the Gospel and receive prayer for the rest of her family to know Jesus too!

If you did not get the chance to watch this broadcast, you still can! You can also download the Anthem of Grace devotional series on YouVersion by clicking below.