The Anthem of Grace Broadcast sent the Gospel around the world!

Pulse Evangelism is on a mission to reach the entire globe with the Gospel. Together with you, we do this because the world is in need of the hope that only Jesus can offer.

One of the ways that your support does this is through an annual broadcast on Good Friday. This year’s Good Friday program, Anthem of Grace, premiered on March 29. Nick brought a powerful Gospel presentation while Steven Curtis Chapman and Miel San Marcos led worship. Listeners have the opportunity to participate in this movement by sharing their own story of God's grace in their life, as well as singing their own rendition of Amazing Grace!

Thanks to the faithful support of donors like you, the Anthem of Grace Broadcast reached over 100 countries through nearly 160 TV stations and other broadcast locations including YouTube and social media. This broadcast was also translated into over 60 languages so many more nations, tribes, and tongues could be reached with the Gospel.

We are excited to share additional metrics and stories of impact in the months to come.

Check out because it is not too late to watch with your family and friends!