Meet Carol Madison

Carol Madison met Nick Hall at a home gathering hosted by her nephew back when Nick was looking to launch Pulse Evangelism in the Twin Cities. “Afterwards, I went to my pastor and said, ‘You need to meet Nick Hall. God’s got His hand on this guy, and we need to partner with him.’”

That led to collaborating in prayer and finances in the UNITE prayer and worship gatherings on the U of MN campus. Carol also attended other campus events, where she first crawled under the stage to pray for Nick while he preached the Gospel to college students.

“In those early years, the stages were quite low, so crawling was the only way to get to the center to be under Nick. As the years went by, thankfully the audiences grew larger and the stages got higher!” says Carol.

Carol joined the Pulse team for several years to direct prayer strategies for major events such as Together 2016 and 2018, along with Pulse Twin Cities in the U.S. Bank Stadium. She left Pulse in 2020 with instructions to “find someone younger to replace me!” Carol recently retired from directing the prayer ministries at Hillside Church in Bloomington, MN. She now focuses on her editorial business, which includes serving as editor of Prayer Connect magazine.

For the past two years, Carol returned as a coach with the Pulse 100 young evangelists because of her heart for the next generation and their critical role in spiritual awakening in this nation. Now she is turning her efforts toward directing prayer strategies specifically designed to cover Nick, his family, and his ministry in prayer.

“I think we’ve learned how critical it is for leadership to be saturated in prayer,” says Carol. “I hope the other supporters of Pulse Evangelism will join me on Nick’s prayer team.”