The time has come
to Make Jesus Known

We want to see a generation passionate about sharing their faith with the people that God has placed in their lives!

This is why we created the Make Jesus Known Training.

Our Make Jesus Known Training is a 4-week series on evangelism that will push students and young adults out of their comfort zones and challenge them to make evangelism a lifestyle. 

Video Training and Leader Guide

The curriculum is geared toward students, university groups, and young adults with a focus on how to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those in their spheres of influence.

We talk about how their personal relationship with Jesus, their lifestyle, and their conversations all play a role in sharing their faith.

This free, hands-on training includes four videos led by Evangelist Nick Hall and a leader guide that contains a teaching script, small group questions, presentation slides, and social media content.

Join us by training the next generation to share their faith through our Make Jesus Known Training!

Sample the Week 1 Video and Leader Guide Below

Download All 4 Videos and the Complete Leader Guide

Our Speakers

We would love to hear your feedback on the group training sessions! How did these training videos equip you to share the Gospel? How did you use this training to share the Gospel with people around you?


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