Emma Gilmer

On June 1-3, Pulse 100 alumni Emma Gilmer, Austin Fruits, and Jacob Peterson  led a Next Steps workshop at the Heartbeats Festival in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, along with Pulse 100 alumnus and mentor Chantelle Anderson. 

The festival drew about 500 people this year, with many responses to the Gospel.

These are the opportunities we pray will become available to the participants of the second Pulse 100 cohort, who were commissioned at the Pulse HQ on June 11 at the conclusion of their final national retreat for the 10-month program. 

The second cohort consisted of outstanding leaders ready to share the Gospel. While some feel called to speak through large events like the Heartbeats Festival, others, like Gesica Weber, actively share the Gospel through a local church. Pulse 100 was poured into her so she could become even more effective in her evangelistic leadership. 

“Pulse 100 poured into me, and it’s been really great to implement what I learned into the ministries that I’m a part of,” Gesica says. “This group is on fire for the Lord. I am able to bring that fire back to my community so the people I serve fall in love with Jesus, too.”

Be in prayer for open doors as the Pulse 100 young evangelists share the Gospel across the nation and world.

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