Revival is on God's Heart

Pulse exists to come alongside what God is already doing to see a wave of unity, evangelism, and connecting believers back to the local church.

Connect with Pulse

We want to get to know you and hear about what God is doing in you and your community. Reach out to us and begin a conversation:

Jay Anderson
Senior Director, Ministry Expansion

Connect with Local Leaders + Pray

Connect with pastors, ministry leaders, business leaders, and students to cast the vision for a season of evangelistic outreach in partnership with Pulse.

The goal is to gather leaders with a similar burden to reach your city or campus. Resources are available to help you build engagement.

Check In with Pulse

Connect with Jay Anderson to answer two questions:

1) Is your community on board?

2) Is there an ability to raise 25% of a forecasted budget before a launch?

Plan the Launch

As God continues to open doors, we will meet with you and other leaders to discuss a projected schedule, potential campaign leaders, and project scope.

This will lead to an official launch day (Leaders Meeting and UNITE event) to explain the steps of an evangelistic outreach.

Leaders Meeting and UNITE Event

Pulse will plan a Leaders Meeting to rally the gatekeepers and a UNITE event to engage students. The goal of these meetings is to give people the opportunity to commit to a partnership. Continual prayer, training, outreach, and follow-up.