Pulse, led by Evangelist Nick Hall, was born out of a movement to spread the hope of Jesus to a hurting generation on the campus of North Dakota State University. Since its genesis, Pulse has moved to Minneapolis and has shared the Gospel to over 330 million people globally, at in-person events and digitally. Pulse not only helps spread the Gospel but trains young leaders to become effective evangelists. Below, we have outlined the ways in which you can partner with Pulse to make Jesus known.


Evangelist Nick Hall is the Founder and President of Pulse and the President and CEO of The Table Coalition. Since a young age he has been hungry to share the Gospel with unreached people and to raise up the next generation of evangelists. If you would like to learn more about Nick and his global ministry, or have him at your event, you can click here!


Led by evangelist Nick Hall, Pulse 100 is designed to raise up the next generation of leaders for the Gospel. Pulse 100 is a 10-month program that includes bi-weekly masterclasses led by leaders including Nick Hall, Christine Caine, Rick Warren, and Francis Chan. Not only do they train in masterclasses, but they also receive 1:1 mentorship, attend 4 national retreats, participate in street evangelism opportunities, and cultivate an incredible community. This program is designed to equip these young leaders to effectively and relevantly deliver the Gospel message.


As your event approaches, Pulse will provide a systematic process to gather pastors and ministry leaders to cast vision for your festival. We will come together over a meal to encourage the outstanding leadership in your community. These gatherings work to fortify those who are actively working to bring the hope of the Gospel to your area through the power of prayer. During this time of fellowship, your promotional material will be made available for ministry leaders to bring back to their churches and share the heartbeat behind the festival with their congregation or ministry.


If the goal of your event is to reach young people in your
area, we can host a Church Youth Night to promote the
event. Our team will bring in a speaker and/or panel to present the Gospel and a possible artist for an impactful worship night.


The Make Jesus Known Training led by evangelistic leaders like Mark Warder, Jake Sullivan, Marcus Montana, or select Pulse 100 members, teaches our unique evangelism content. The purpose of this 60-minute training is to equip youth and young adults to effectively share the Gospel, no matter where God places them. This training will equip the next generation to pray, care for those around them, and start life-changing spiritual conversations surrounded by the Gospel. Join us in raising up the next generation to make evangelism a lifestyle, not a one-time event. If you would like to preview some of the content that our team would teach, check out the Make Jesus Known website here! 2


To promote your event and serve the community, Pulse will offer a national recording artist to attend your local schools in an assembly style. This format is for a free, private pre-viewing of one or a few of the songs from that artist. They will share a clear message with students on topics like positive thinking, self-worth, setting goals and the value of learning from mistakes and failures.


At the end of your event, our specialized follow-up team can implement a system to track Gospel responses. This is done through a text-in system to our team in real time! We can respond to prayer requests, provide discipleship resources, and match them with a church in the area of your choice within 16 hours.


Fairs and Festival Interest