Your generosity makes it possible to raise up the next generation of evangelists!

Through your generosity, not only is Pulse sharing the Gospel with the world but we are training up the next generation of evangelistic leaders. Pulse has several programs that equip young people to share Jesus wherever God places them.

Pulse 100 is a 10-month program filled with retreats, discipleship, and masterclasses to help raise up 100 NextGen evangelists. This month, Pulse 100 will take part in a retreat at The Cove at the Billy Graham Training Center in Asheville, North Carolina. Our prayer is that these young adults will grow in fellowship and be further equipped to share Jesus!

Pulse has another program to raise up young leaders called the Pulse Internship Program. This month, we will welcome our newest cohort of 10 interns, many of whom will be housed at our new Pulse Housing Center!

Pulse instructs these young adults on how to grow in professionalism, be discipled, and learn how to share Jesus in any space.

Please join us in prayer for the coming Pulse 100 retreat and new cohort of interns!